Best Peephole Cameras In 2023

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    Security is important. And, even more so when it comes to our homes and families. With that said, many people choose to install a door peephole camera to help maximize security in this area. Great for monitoring traffic and visitors to your property, they can give you that extra peace of mind that’s needed. Whether you live in a small town or a big city, these types of cameras are beneficial. These cameras allow you to see whoever is outside of your property and many of these door viewer cameras can be connected to smartphones and tablets too so that you can monitor at all times.

    Best Peephole Cameras In 2023

    We hope that the considerations above help you get a better idea of what matters to you when selecting a peephole cam wifi, it’s time to reveal our top 10 choices in 2022. From great value for money cameras to those packed with every feature you could imagine, there are plenty to choose from.

    1. Ring Video Doorbell

    If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi doorbell that is compatible with the popular Alexa device, this could well be the best choice. Available in three different colors including satin nickel, brass, and Venetian bronze, this clever cam can also record video footage too. Compatibility with Alexa means you’ll be alerted whenever there is a visitor. Reviewed highly for its ease and simple setup, some of the pros of this device include two-way vision and communication, instant alerts when the doorbell is pressed, HD video viewing and infrared night vision mode, live view on-demand and a 1-year long warranty too. Considered as one of the best doorbells in this category, if you’re looking for reliability without having to spend a fortune you’re in luck.

    Video Quality: 1080p,Field of View: 160 horizontal, 90 vertical,Storage: Cloud, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes

    Pros: Works with Alexa and Comes in different colors


    Monthly subscription is costly


    2. Brinno Door Peephole Security Camera

    This front door peephole camera is available in 3 different styles: SHC1000, SHC500, SHC500K.  Activated by either a doorbell being pressed or a knock, it’s extremely high-tech and offers clear image at all times. The battery life of this camera is excellent, lasting about 1,800 triggers long. Only taking a few minutes to install, the device will operate from the inside so that you won’t have to worry about it being stolen. Excellent for ensuring top security at your property, the large LCD screen allows you to clearly detect who is around your property. And, the camera itself is discreet enough for you to feel able to do so confidently from the safety of your home. This camera is ranked high for its battery life and sharp, clear image production. It also works efficiently in dimmer light conditions too.


    Video Quality: Not HD, Field of View: 90 degrees, Maximum Storage: 32GB Micro SD card, WiFi/App: No/No

    Pros: Large LCD screen and Long battery life

    Cons: Doesn’t have WiFi


    3. Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System

    Another great security camera. It comes with an in-built motion sensor alarm for extra security. Whenever motion is detected, the cam will alert your smartphone using the Wi-Fi addiction it has the ability to save a short clip of the motion detected that is avilable on Cloud for you whenever you want to. Its battery-powered system means you won’t have to worry about the camera ever losing power as you’ll simply need to replace the 2 AA lithium batteries as and when required. Easy to install, it requires minimal fuss and can be powered up in a matter of minutes. You’ll have access to real-time live footage of your home and it comes in 5 different configurations too.

    Video Quality: 1080p HD, Field of View: 110 degrees,Storage: Cloud, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes,Work with Alexa

    Pros: Free cloud storage, no monthly fees, Compatible with Alexa, two way audio (you can talk with visitors)

    Cons: Night vision can’t be used if looking out a window due to reflection


    4. Arlo Video Doorbell

    Arlo is another strong contender when it comes to the best peephole cameras and this video doorbell is very highly-rated. It offers an extensive 180-degree viewing angle enabling you to see a parcel on the ground or a whole person from head to toe – you’ll never miss a thing! The video from this door viewer is HD quality, and it also has HDR to ensure you can see a lot of detail in any kind of lighting condition, whether it is bright sunlight or starting to get dark.

    Like any good peephole camera, this one offers two-way audio, enabling you to communicate with your visitor without having to go to the door. There are even quick reply messages you can send to your visitor if you are too busy to answer. The motion detection works for people, animals, vehicles, and packages, so you can easily be notified about any kind of important activity at the door. You can also see a video clip from before the motion detection was activated with Arlo’s Foresight system. This means you’ll never miss anything important again.

    4.1 Arlo night vison

    The Arlo peephole camera features night vision so you can even check who’s at the door at night. It’s also weather-resistant so it can withstand both hot and cold temperatures as well as rainy conditions.

    In terms of notifications, the Arlo door viewer is compatible with Alexa as well as smartphones. When someone rings the doorbell, the peephole camera will video call the connected smartphone so you can answer from anywhere and speak to the visitor. The peephole security camera also sends notifications about motion detection straight to the phone and action can be taken even when the phone is locked, allowing for fast responses. This makes a great home security camera because an alarm can be triggered from the app when motion is detected at the door by unwanted visitors. And, unlike some security cameras, you can call a friend from the app when there is an unwanted guest.

    Video Quality: HD, Field of View: 180 degrees, Storage: Built-in and cloud, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes

    Pros: App offers a range of excellent features and Large viewing angle

    Cons: Can be difficult to set up compared to other options


    5. Sonew Digital Door Cam

    With a beautiful ultra-thin design, this camera is certainly appealing when it comes to the way it looks. However, outside of its exterior appeal, it will also provide you with precise monitoring outside of your door, 24 hours a day. Easy enough for both children and seniors to operate, it’s extremely easy to use. You won’t have to spend hours setting up this device and, it is highly reviewed for the excellent image quality it produces in the daylight. For a cheap, simple peep hole camera that you know won’t let you down, this could be ideal for your needs. It boots up quickly and has a great battery life too, meaning that you can set it up and begin using right away.

    Video Quality: 2 MP, Field of View: 120 degree, Maximum Storage: Unknown, WiFi/App: No/No

    Pros: Cheaper option and Easy installation and easy to use

    Cons: Doesn’t work in dark conditions


    6. Wireless Door Cam With Peephole

    The same size as a regular door peephole, this cam gives an extremely natural look and is discreet. Low illumination means that it’s easy to see who is outside of your door even under poor lighting conditions. For those that are looking for a hidden camera option, this product really does offer just that. With 16 different channels, you’ll have complete peace of mind and won’t have to splash the cash to know that your home is secure at all times. We love this camera for its simplicity and efficiency, while it doesn’t come with some of the features the other options in this list have, it does fill the essential criteria.

    Video Quality: 480p, Field of View: 160 wide angle degrees, Maximum Storage: SD Card up to 32GB, WiFi/App: Yes/No

    Pros: 5″ monitor, and nice appearance on the outside of the door and Great price

    Cons: Lower video quality

    7. Ring Peephole Cam with echo show 5

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    Ring is probably the first brand you think of when considering the best peephole cameras. This one offers excellent 1080p HD video quality and crystal clear sound, so you can easily see and hear any visitor to your door, from anywhere.

    There are a few different ways to be notified when someone arrives at the door using this security camera. If you connect it to Alexa, you will receive announcements when motion is detected outside the door. Then, you can talk to the visitor by asking ‘Alexa, talk to the front door’. The Ring digital door viewer is also compatible with phones, tablets, and computers, with alerts being sent to these devices when the doorbell is pressed or when motion is detected outside the door.

    The rechargeable battery on this 1080p HD video doorbell camera is very good, lasting up to six months before recharging is needed. The length of time the battery lasts will vary according to the light and motion settings. There is a tab allowing the battery to be charged without uninstalling the entire camera, so even when a recharge is necessary, it isn’t difficult or awkward to do.

    The initial installation of the Ring peephole cam is similarly straightforward. It can be set up in less than five minutes and there is no need for drilling. When setting up the peephole security camera, it is possible to adjust the motion detection zones to ensure the setup is just right for your home. The wireless peephole camera also features a knock detection function so you can be notified when there is an impact on the door.

    Video Quality: 1080p HD, Field of View: 155 horizontal, 90 vertical, Storage: Cloud, subscription required, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes

    Pros: Adjustable motion detection and connection to a smartphone to monitor home security anywhere

    Cons: More expensive, especially with monthly storage plan


    8. Greeter Plus Doorbell (discontinued)

    This digital door viewer is available in 3 attractive colors including golden earth, space gray and golden earth-plus giving you plenty of personalization for your front door. Working without a smartphone, it is capable of taking photographs and recording footage of daily visitors. You won’t have to worry about missing anything thanks to a wide-angle lens with a 165-degree view. Offering clear images both day and night, this camera also boasts excellent battery life thanks to its rechargeables. Again, this option is very easy to install meaning that you can get using it right away and, it offers excellent value for money as one of the more affordable options. It comes with a long charging cord so that when it is time to recharge batteries you won’t feel like this is a chore in itself.

    Video Quality: Not HD, Field of View: 165 degrees, Storage: MicroSD up to 32GB, WiFi/App: No/No

    Pros: Easy installation and convinient price

    Cons: Doesn’t use WiFi or an app

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    9. Danmini Camera And Doorbell (discontinued)

    You can choose to have this product with or without a doorbell and with a wide lens, it’s sure to help you monitor who is outside your property. The night vision mode helps you to boost security even further and it comes with 3 handy modes including  “at home”, “leave home”, and “do not disturb”. You’ll be able to use this product alongside your existing  peep hole camera and will only require 3 section AAA battery and a TF card to power the video doorbell. Providing excellent quality picture, the daytime cam is extremely clear meaning you won’t have grainy video quality to deal with. The 24 inch HD screen is easy to set up and use, it also comes with automatic standby and energy-saving mode too.

    Video Quality: 1080p, Field of View: 166 degrees, Storage: Cloud, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes

    Pros: Motion detection and 2-way audio

    Cons: Doorbell has to be near the router


    This is an image of Doorbell Camera Wi-Fi with Motion Detector

    10. Eques Digital Door Viewer (discontinued)

    A top-seller when it comes to video doorbells, this camera is excellent for both the safety of children and seniors. Compatible with smartphones, this cam has a wide-angle lens so that you can see everything that is happening outside of the door at all times. Installation is both quick and easy and you won’t need a doorbell or access to home electricity to use it. The Eques peep hole cam provides clear images across both daytime and nighttime conditions. If you’re looking for a solid camera that will provide excellent security for your home at all times, this could be the best option for you. Once the paired app is downloaded, it is extremely easy to manage your new camera via a smartphone too and it has great audio quality at the same time.

    Video Quality: 320 x 240, Field of View: 165 degrees, Maximum Storage: MicroSD card up to 32GB, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes

    Pros: Wide viewing angle and no need for a smartphone for operation

    Cons: Lower video quality

    This is an image of Eques Digital Door Viewer - LCD Security Camera Monitor Video Record Photo Shooting (No Night Vision, No PIR Motion Sensor)



    11. LaView Wireless Peephole Camera And Doorbell (discontinued)

    This camera will allow you to peep out onto your doorstep in high definition. You’ll also be able to see recordings in 720P HD for this reason is able to be Wi-Fi enabled, also it is    wireless with a smart power-saving facility. In addiction, You will receive notes on your phone whenever someone touches your doorbell. or if the motion sensors detect movement. This smart device allows you to communicate with your visitors through a built-in microphone and speakers for additional convenience. You can view your video anywhere at anytime, thanks to the multiple storage options. Finally this peep camera has many positive review beacuse is easy to install with a handy touchscreen too. Providing clear daytime video, great working night vision, long battery, definitely a good value for your money.

    Video Quality: 720p, Field of View: 180 degrees, Storage: Multiple options – cloud or MicroSD, WiFi/App: Yes/Yes

    Pros: Multiple storage options and useful touchscreen panel for inside the house

    Cons: Motion sensor is hard to set up properly

    image of a wireless video recorder and icon app features


    Best Peephole Camera Overall

    After looking at some of the best peephole cameras on the market today, we have chosen the one which stands out as the best overall. It’s hard to look past Arlo’s peephole camera with the Arlo Video Doorbell, #4 on our list, which has a range of excellent features making it one of the best security cameras out there. Connecting the digital door viewer to a smartphone allows the door to be monitored from anywhere, which is a very useful feature to have. The video quality is excellent, 1080p HD, and the viewing angle is also very good, enabling you to clearly see the scene outside your door.

    Best Budget Pick

    If you are looking for an inexpensive option for the best peephole camera, we have picked out another excellent peephole security camera for you. The Sonew peephole camera recorder, #3 on our list, is our budget pick – it has a very reasonable price tag but comes without frills. The spy camera is very easy to set up and use, making it a great pick for older users as it doesn’t require a smartphone for operation. The image quality is not quite as good in darker conditions, but in the daylight it performs very well, offering 24 hour security outside your door.


    Peephole Cameras Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

    Tips Choosing Peephole Camera Recorders

    After reviewing our list of options you may still be left feeling confused about which option to go for. As you can see there are lots of different models available, each comes with its own price tag and set of features. Here are a few further tips to help you choose the best door eye hole camera for your own needs:

    Image Quality

    This may seem obvious but make sure that you’re choosing a cam that provides clear image quality during both the day and night (using a night vision mode). While the image doesn’t have to be entirely crisp, going for an option that provides HD footage which always is useful.

    Motion sensors

    You should try to choose a camera that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors. With these types of cams, customers have reported receiving alerts of cars driving by, birds, and other natural occurrences that take place outdoors. This can become extremely frustrating as you can imagine!

    Easy Installation

    No one wants to spend all day setting up a new gadget, so it’s best to look for door cameras that are easy to install. Many simply take the place of your existing peephole, so if you have one on your door already, setting the peephole camera up should be a breeze. Many manufacturers offer YouTube videos showing exactly how to install the device, step-by-step. Some cameras have a panel to install indoors – usually, this is simply a case of mounting it on to the wall. You might also have to download an app to connect the camera to your device via Wi-Fi to monitor who’s outside the door from anywhere.

    Wireless vs. Wired

    Some peephole door camera models are powered by batteries, whilst others get their power by being wired in. A wireless model will be easier to install, but the batteries will need replaced every couple of months. Batteries will probably need charged more often during the cooler months, but should still last a reasonable length of time on your door peephole camera.

    Memory and Video Capture

    Some of these peephole cameras require a monthly subscription to store video captured at the door. This is often saved to a cloud storage system, allowing easy access to the footage again at any time. Others can accept an SD card allowing you to save video, which can then be downloaded to your smartphone using the peephole camera’s app.

    Field of View

    It’s a good idea to choose a peephole viewer, with a reasonably wide viewing angle so you can see a good area around the door. Some offer a full 180-degree field of view, whilst others cover a smaller area. Ensure the one you choose is sufficient for the layout of your front door area so you will always be able to see what you need to.

    User Interface

    There are many types of peephole camera out there, so look at the different types of user interface between different models. This way, you can find the one which is the most intuitive and best suits your needs. Many peephole cameras have mobile apps that are easy to install and use, allowing you to make the most of your video doorbell for home security.

    Night Vision

    If you often get visitors when it’s dark outside, it’s vital to choose a peephole camera with night vision capabilities. In most cases, a peephole viewer will use infrared to produce black-and-white footage at nighttime, but some models are now capable of showing color footage even in dark conditions.

    Battery Life

    As noted above, the battery on a wireless doorbell camera will need charged every few months. It’s worth checking the battery life of your chosen model to ensure it won’t need charged too frequently, because every time it needs charged, the camera won’t be able to be used.

    Mobile Integration

    Many peephole cameras nowadays can be connected to a compatible mobile app allowing you to monitor any visitors to your front door from anywhere, even when you are away from home. This can be a great feature if you travel frequently and wish to keep your home safe when you’re not around. Sometimes you can also speak to your visitor via the mobile app even if you’re not home, so you can tell them when you’ll be back or perhaps where to leave a parcel.


    There are a few different ways to receive notifications from your peephole camera. Some have a panel which is mounted inside the house so you can watch the video from your chosen room. Others are compatible with Amazon Echo devices and will send notifications to these linked devices when there is activity detected at the door. Some peephole cameras can be connected to a mobile device to send notifications to your device from anywhere, even when you are at work or on vacation. This can be a helpful feature to help keep your home safe and secure when you are out – the peephole camera can also function as a security camera.

    Try to meet the majority of your requirements. Go for a keyhole camera that meets most of your requirements. A camera’s capabilities will narrow down your results and then you can take further factors into consideration such as a budget.

    How To Protect My Digital Peephole From Theft? 

    Plenty of people worry that their new cam could be stolen and, this is completely normal. If you’re hoping to better secure your home from thieves it can be a bit of a headache to also put measures into place to protect the camera too. The only way to ensure that your new device can’t be stolen is to buy an interior installed theft-proof camera. These devices all have the hardware required and visitors will see the peephole outside of your door. Some of the cam manufacturers will offer theft protection, so keep an eye out for this too.

    Do I Need To Install A New Peephole? 

    In the majority of cases, you won’t need to fit an entirely new peephole. Most can instead be directly fitted into your existing slot, however if your door doesn’t already have a peephole you’ll need to use a drill bit to do this.

    Will My Door Be Too Thick To Install A Peephole Cam?

    Most peephole cams are designed to fit the average door size which is no thicker than about 3.5 inches. Though, you may need to use the various sized screws that extend beyond these measurements to properly fit your new device to your property’s door.

    Choosing Your New Hidden Front Door Camera

    As you come to the end of our guide, hopefully, you’ll have a much clearer idea of the different features to look out for in peephole cameras and know which is best for you. Taking the steps to make your home more secure is certainly going to be beneficial whether you live alone or have a family. Peephole security cameras are great as they provide a convenient and clever way of alerting us when expected and unexpected visitors arrive at our property. With plenty of safety advantages, you can then choose to open or not open your door and deter people from entering your home.

    Think about what is important to you when considering the functionality of this type of camera. Be sure to evaluate all your options and not just go for the cheapest as a means of saving money. There are lots of reviews circulating around these products so take advantage and do your research. Once you’ve filtered down your choices make sure that you’re aware of any cons in your final product.

    More Considerations Choosing a Peephole Camera 

    Before you go ahead and choose your camera it’s always a great idea to consider exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:

    Budget – For some, security is priceless. There are so many different pephole cameras out there, whether you choose to go for a high-tech one for hundreds of dollars or, just want a basic peephole doorbell, it’s a great idea to set a budget and keep this in mind when shopping around.

    Type of property – Depending on the type of property that you have, you may only require a single camera on the front door. Whereas other people may require multiple cameras, especially if their house or property has multiple possible entrances that can be accessed from the outside.

    Picture quality – A grainy picture is certainly not ideal when you’re trying to track visitors outside of your property. Be sure to check out resolution across all of the cameras that you’re considering.

    Camera angle – For those with a wider entrance to their home or property, it may be essential to see more than what is immediately outside of your front door. Wide-angle cameras can meet these needs.

    Doorbell – This is another area of quality that you should be mindful of. If you have a bigger home, you’ll want a loud doorbell.

    Wi-Fi Connectivity – Some cameras in this category are really high-tech. To receive a cam that can send push notifications to your mobile device and more, you’ll want to ensure it has Wi-Fi connectivity. This can also be handy for when you’re away from your home too.

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