Best digital Cameras under $500

Woman holding a digital camera in her photography studio

In creative outlets like photography, you are only as good as your gear, which is why we have compared the best cameras under $500 in 2020.

500 dollars is a good budget and offers a wide selection of decent cameras available to you.

Of course, we all want the best pick at a budget price, but that isn’t always easy when choosing your dream camera.

Some cameras cost a fortune, and for those beginners new to photography, spending that much on a camera is not an option. This is where we come in – comparing the best inexpensive cameras on offer.

The top camera brands have a digital camera to fit every budget. We stay clear of low-quality brands that have not stood the test of time. Big brands like Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic offer a wide range of cameras that can be trusted and not let you down in those special moments that cannot be replaced. These major camera manufactures offer good cameras for cheap without compromising on quality.

The 10 best value quality cameras below would cost you just under $500, but for those looking for something smaller check out these reviews; $300 cameras and cameras at $200.

This under $500 camera range ensures that you are getting premium quality that lasts the test of time.


Considerations When Choosing $500 Cameras

Before you hit the stores in the hopes of picking out the best affordable camera for photography, there are a few factors you would need to consider. These factors make sure that you pick the right product for the right occasion. SO that at the end of the day, after you have swiped your card, you would smile home with the best affordable digital camera in the bag.


The size of the camera would determine a lot of things, like mobility and how frequently it would be used. Smaller cameras are not necessarily better than the larger ones, it all depends on the frequency of usage and the purpose of the purchase. If you intend to use your camera on trips or to document memories with family and loved ones, it would be preferable to have one that is handy and can easily fit in your pocket. But if you are looking to use it more professionally, a bigger camera would offer you more features and dynamic usage.


The notable brands have something for everyone, they have good cheap cameras that can perform in every role. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, there is something on the market for you that would help step up your love for shooting pictures and capturing scenes. The best affordable cameras from these brands have been tuned with many cool modes to allow you to shoot quality pictures and also equipped with video recording capabilities.


The best cameras under 500 are expected to perform well in the following features:

Image Stabilization

This is one feature every good cam should have. When fitted in a camera, it reduced blurring when moving or taking motion shots. It is designed to help counter the small movements with automatic adjustments. If you are looking to go pro, this is one feature you want in your gadget.


This simply regulates how much light passes through the diaphragm at a given time. The aperture on the camera assists in focusing the light rays. If your camera has its lens wide open, this would allow in a lot of unfocused rays.


The amount of megapixels on the camera informs you of how large the image can be without digital enlargement. If your device has 16 megapixels, it means that your device shoots 16 million pixels at a time.

Viewfinder LCD screen

These are alternate ways to look at the images being captured, it allows you to make tweaks and adjustments. The viewfinder is the look-through option and more common on higher-end devices.


This feature allows the photographer to get closer to the object being captured without physically changing position There are two variants, optical and the digital variant. The latter is less favored because it reduces the image quality by enlarging the pixels.


To fully appreciate this feature, you would need to get the best point and shoot camera under 500. The best compact camera under 500 would be very portable. It would conveniently into your pocket or travel bag. Portable cameras are most ideal when visiting new places or documenting memories. This small size means you would be able to handle the camera for longer with very minimal discomfort.

Battery life

The battery life is one of the most important aspects to look into when buying a new camera. Having to constantly stop shooting to recharge your battery can be a major inconvenience. You must ensure the device you end up with offers a sizeable battery that can last you at least a day’s shooting. It must also have quality chargers that can juice up the battery in no time.


Best Cameras Under $500

Let’s now take a look at 10 of the best options on offer today.

1. Sony Olympus OM E M10 Mark II

The Sony Olympus OM E M10 Mark II is regarded by many as the best mirrorless camera under 500. This beautiful simple mirrorless camera really lives up to the tag of being one of the best cameras under 500 with its exciting, almost futuristic features.

The device has a built-in axis image stabilizer that allows the photographer to take pictures of superior image quality. It features a large and bright OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.62x magnification that makes it most easy to pick out the object you are trying to capture even in bright light conditions.

The viewfinder also allows you to make some fine setting adjustments without looking away, One of the technological advancements on this mirrorless camera is the silent shutter feature that allows you to take pictures in quiet scenes without disturbing the serenity of the place. This feature is ideal for photojournalism and street photography. The Olympus E M10 mirrorless camera has a lightning-fast burst shoot mode that works seamlessly with the autofocus to ensure the smoothest photography experience, it has a maximum speed of about 8.5 shots per second, making it ideal for capturing fast-moving objects.

Image of Sony Olympus OM e m10 mark ii


2. Fujifilm X100 MP APS-C

This digital camera is one of the best cameras under 500 dollars. This affordable professional camera is fitted with a 12.3-megapixel APS C CMOS sensor. The advanced technology of this device avails you to a hybrid viewfinder system that couples an optical viewfinder with an electronic viewfinder. You can capture 720p video in its HD movie video mode. The Fujifilm APS C camera features motion panorama that makes it easy to capture 120-degree and 180-degree panoramic pictures. These images can be printed on A3 sized enlargements to fully enjoy the panoramic potential.

Image of Fujifilm X100 MP APS-C


3. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is the best 4k camera under 500 dollars. This point and shoot device produces awesome image quality with its 18.1-megapixel lens. It features a high-resolution viewfinder, LCD display, and optical image stabilization to capture moving objects. The device is excellent even in low light conditions, allowing you to enjoy and capture the nightlife around you. It features some excellent connectivity features like easy connect wi fi to your smartphone and USB charging. It is also 4K video ready, allowing you to capture motion pictures in the nicest quality possible.

Image of Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K


4. Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSL

This bundle kit contains the best DSLR camera under 500, the Rebel T7 Dslr camera. It has a 24.1 mp sensor, a 3-inch LCD screen, and also capable of quality video recordings. It avails the photographer of cool modes that allow the best pictures to be taken in low light conditions. This canon line is known to make the best DSLR cameras under 500. The device can shoot continuously at 3 frames per second. In the bundle are two SanDisk memory cards, 3 piece filter kit, AC/DC home and car charger, a card reader, a 50-inch tripod, flashlight, and a deluxe camera case. You have the option of attaching an auxiliary wide-angle lens, which brings you super close to the action, almost double. All these without any doubt make this the best DSLR for video under 500.

Image of Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSL


5. Nikon D3400

This Nikon digital camera could be regarded as the best camera under 500 because of its excellent build. It seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. It creates photos with superior image quality due to the 24.2 megapixels it features. It also has snap bridge connectivity that allows you to share data between the device and your smartphone. This futuristic approach bridges that gap between your camera and your everyday handheld device. These cameras feature optical zoom and have the ability to record videos at full HD. Weighing in at 0.87 lbs, this camera is light and easy to use for prolonged periods.

Image of Nikon D3400


6. Sony DSCHX80

This excellent Sony device is one highly sought-after point and shoot camera. Here, point and shoot refers to cameras that are relatively easier to use. This elegant device as 30x optical zoom, and shoots photos with the crispest image quality. It also features a retractable viewfinder and a 60X clear image zoom lens. With NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, you have the option to share files instantly between the device and your smartphone. It also comes with an image stabilizer that reduces blue as a result of unwanted motions. To edit your pictures, Sony provides you with a quality 3-inch multi-angled display. The device also sports a telephoto lens. In the package is an instruction manual, wrist strap, micro USB, and rechargeable battery pack, all you need to conquer the world with your new point and shoot device,

Image of Sony DSCHX80


7. Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom

The Kodak Pixpro offers you 20 megapixels of photography awesomeness, it comes with 90x optical zoom and burst shooting up to five frames per second. The Pixpro comes with an articulated LCD screen of about 3 inches. One of the features is the scan panorama of 360 degrees. The wi-fi connection allows you to control the device with your android or iOS device. The Kodak Pixpro gives you the option to play around with Kodacolor film settings.

Image of Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom


8. Canon M100

This product boasts some impressive specifications. The device has a 24.2-megapixel sensor, coupled with a 3-inch LCD touchscreen. It is also capable of full HD video recording and shooting up to 61 fps. The device has Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity, self-portrait mode, and creative assist. In the bundle, you get this stylish cam with optical zoom, terminal cover, neck strap, battery pack, lens, and lithium battery pack. the ultimate beginner pack to everything photography.

Image of Canon M100


9. Sony RX100 iii

If you want a sizeable easy to use cam to take the clearest pictures, look no further than the Sony RX100. The device has all you would need to kick start your love for photography. With a 10.1 megapixel sensor and zoom lens to be used during video recording, you have more than enough reasons to go with this choice. It is capable of shooting continuously at 10 frames per second. The cam has an electronic pop-up viewfinder, and a 3-inch TFT LCD screen to edit the photos taken. The cam comes with the feature to record full high definition videos.

Image of Sony RX100 iii


10. Panasonic LUMIX GX85

This Panasonic cam delivers the finest performance with its powerful 16 megapixels. This camera is mirrorless and has a camera kit with an interchangeable lens. It also comes with a 45-150mm f/4.0-5.6 lens and a 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. This camera is what the marriage of a mirrorless cam and a DSLR cam would bring forth, due to the hybrid technology. It is fitted with dual 5 axis image stabilizers that are excellent when recording videos and taking photos. It integrates eye-level electronic viewfinder tech with a premium 3-inch LCD screen.


What is the best digital camera under 500?

Sony Olympus OM. This is the best of the rest as it offers you a premium option to make your photography exploits fun and at the same time productive. this cam is relatively smaller than other models that offer this much functionality. To top it off, this camera does not compromise on good looks, it looks good and just the looks would be inspirational to convince you to take pictures of the world. With this cam, you would have all you need to conquer the beautiful world of photography.


Image of Sony Olympus OM e m10 mark ii

Which is the most affordable professional?

The Canon EOS Rebel T7. The best cheap camera is not necessarily the cheapest camera for professional photography. More accurate would be a cam that offers the most value, and this is this bundle kit. At this price, this intelligently put together set is a steal. In the bundle are; a DSLR camera, two memory cards, card reader, 50-inch tripod, flashlight, 3 piece filter, and other goodies. This kit makes this choice the most affordable and budget-friendly.


Image of Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSL


What is the best vlogging camera under 500?

Vlogging usually requires you to be up and about, it necessitates you to be on the move in most cases and some times you need to be able to set up your cameras real quick to catch some action. In cases like this, you would need a camera that works but at the same time is not bogus, and one of the few cameras that satisfy all these conditions is the Sony DSCHX80.

The image stabilizer allows you to shoot effortlessly on the move, and the options to connect with your phones makes the usage of this device all the more easy and enjoyable. This without any doubt is the best travel camera under $500, and also the best video camera under 500 with a telephoto lens and the ability to record motion pictures in full HD.


Image of Sony DSCHX80