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Print File-35-7B 35mm Negative Preserver (package of 25)-Darkroom accessories

Type: Negative Preserver

Features: Holds seven 35mm strips of 5 frames, 35 frames total. Contact prints on 8"x...


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Print File-45-4B 4'' x 5'' Negative or Transparency Preserver - package of 25-Darkroom accessories

Type: Negative Preserver

Features: Holds four 4"x5" negatives or transparencies. Contact prints on 8"x10".&nb...


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Print File-46-6P Print Preserver (4x6 package of 25)-Darkroom accessories

Type: Print Preserver

Features: Holds six 4"x 6" prints. Clear page. Detailed Description Archival quality ...


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Samigon-Set of 3 Bamboo Tongs-Darkroom accessories

Type: Darkroom Kit



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--Plastic 35mm Cassettes-Darkroom accessories




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Paterson-Developing Tray 8 x 10" - White #PTP324W-Darkroom accessories

Type: Developing tray

Features: Base design gives maximum economy of solution and easy print removal. Pouri...


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Paterson-Film Squeegee #PTP211-Darkroom accessories

Type: Film squeegee

Features: Removes excess water from the surface of newly processed film, Use in conju...


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Paterson-Super System 4 Universal Tank with Reel #PTP115-Darkroom accessories

Type: Reel Tank

Features: The Paterson Super System 4 Universal Tank is constructed from high-impact ...


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