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Passport Photos 

Passport Photos

" We are set up to take perfect passport photos- for Canadian, US, as well as any ID photo requiring a white backdrop- just bring us the size specifications and we will make it work! No appointment necessary- drop in and we can have them ready for you in 20 minutes (lab volume permitting). Price includes TWO printed photos, with the appropriate stamps on the back. "








ADDITIONAL (set of 2) Passport Photos








We take all kinds of passport and ID photos

Canadian Passport

Canadian Resident

Canadian Citizenship

Firearms License Photos

US Passport

EU Passport*

select International Passport Photos*

Visa photos*


* Passport and Visa photo requirements differ from country to country.

* Common sizes are 50mm x 70mm, 35mm x 45mm and 1" x 1"

* Please check your Passport or Visa application form (or better yet, bring it with you) and let us know the size you need.

Additional Information

The Passport Office has improved security with their new digitizing equipment so it's important that your photos meet their exact specifications. They will reject photos that have even an unnoticeable amount of glare, shadows, lack of contrast, a smile or eye glasses


All photos are taken on a white background You don't need to make an appointment. Just drop by during business hours Processing time is usually 20 minutes We recommend that you wear a dark coloured shirt (preferably not blue). We generally will ask you to remove your glasses. Frames that obstruct any part of the eye and reflections in the glass or frame will result in rejected photos. To eliminate shine on skin, we suggest using make-up powder and/or tissue prior to the photo Keep makeup and jewellery to a minimum.


In the very rare occasion that your passport photo is rejected, we'd be happy to re-take and print a replacement passport photo at no additional cost or provide a refund of the purchase price of the passport photos.


We are not liable for any additional damages, expenditure, inconvenience or disrupted travel plans if these photos are not accepted. Please allow plenty of time when you submit your passport application

Passport Photos

Child, Toddler, Infant and Newborn Photos

We are more than happy to take your baby's photo. Our friendly staff will take the time to ensure you get an acceptable passport photo. Child photos must follow the same rules indicated as the Adult Passport Photos must show the child's head and shoulders only. Parent's or child's hands must not appear in the photo Dress your baby in something colourful Bring your baby's favorite rattle or plush toy. Something to grab their attention. Passport Canada recognizes the difficulty in obtaining a neutral expression of a newborn and will allow for some tolerance in this regard.


*** Unfortunately, baby passport photos are not currently offered in our Victoria location**


Additional Resources:

Passport Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Applying for a Permanent Resident Card.



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